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      Darong will attend CAC 2011 2011-3-4
      Darong will attend ICIF China 2010 2010-9-13
      Darong will attend CPHI China 2010 2010-4-10
      Darong will attend CPHI South America 2009 2009-7-29
      The quality management system of Darong passed the annual supervision and audit. 2007-9-26
      Specialists of International Financial Corporation (IFC) inspected our company. 2007-9-26
      Darong Group had received three national patents for invention. 2007-9-26
      Darong received state support for 3-Amino-1H-1,2,4-Triazole project. 2007-9-26
      June 5th 2007, Darong received Social Responsibility Award for Environmental Protection. 2007-9-26
      Vice-Chairman of Ningxia's Political Consultative Conference Zhu Peiling inspected Ningxia Darong 2007-9-24
      Electronic grade Dicyandiamide project was accepted by the expert group 2007-9-24
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